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15.5.2019 – Ravak - Update 05/2019
The Ravak brand has expanded 3D models with new shower enclosures, shower trays, drainage gutters, bathtubs, washbasins, bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and faucets.

29.3.2019 – Riho - update 03/2019
The Riho brand has added 3D new models to the series bathtubs, shower trays and shower screens Scandic M101 and S402.

18.3.2019 – Roltechnik - update 03/2019
Brand Roltechnik has updated 3D models in series: Tower line, Lega line, Lega lift line, Proxima line, Exclusive line, Hitech line, Kinedoor line, Ambient line, Elegant neo line, Elegant line.

5.2.2019 – Riho - update 01/2019
The Riho brand has expanded the range of 3D models with the new serie Scandic shower enclosure.

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