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Mass downloading

Software for mass downloading multiple models

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13.6.2017 – Zehnder update 05/2017
New products of brand Zehnder in series Comfo, Forma Asym, Charleston Electric, Kleo Bar, Ovida, Ovida Bow, Roda, Virando Hanger, Vision.

12.6.2017 – AEC-DATA - Current news on FB
If you are a Facebook user, you can give the AEC-DATA page tracking, that has existed for many years. You'll get news info instantly. We send new report only twice a year, to we do not to full your mailbox. > Address at FB aec-data <

24.5.2017 – 3D AEC-DATA is provided by the CAD forum portal now provides 3D Autodesk formats on the ><

7.4.2017 – The brand Hobis has new products - Acoustic screens
Updating of the brand Hobis about the system Acoustic screens.

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