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Bathroom Facilities (14058)Laufen (915)Ravak (743)Riho (260)Zehnder (812)Novaservis (286)ArtCeram (100)Hansgrohe (1747)Axor Bouroullec (225)Axor Carlton (63)Axor Citterio (120)Axor Citterio M (51)Axor Kuchyňské baterie (18)Axor Massaud (40)Axor Montreux (48)Axor ShowerCollection (45)Axor Starck (88)Axor Starck Classic (10)Axor Starck X (26)Axor Uno2 (44)Axor Urquiola (74)Axor Zrcadla (4)Hansgrohe Accessories Logis Classic (11)Hansgrohe Accessories Logis E S (11)Hansgrohe Baterie na okraj vany a vanový sokl (2)Hansgrohe Croma 100 (41)Hansgrohe Croma 100 Classic (5)Hansgrohe Crometta 85 (20)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Focus (21)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Focus E (19)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Focus E2 (23)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Focus S (22)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Metris (29)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Metris Classic (21)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Metris E (11)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Metris S (42)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Metropol E (3)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Metropol S (17)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury PuraVida (82)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Talis (9)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Talis Care (5)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Talis Classic (14)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Talis E2 (15)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Talis S (17)Hansgrohe Koupelnové armatury Talis S2 (42)Hansgrohe Kuchyňské baterie (23)Hansgrohe Odpadová technika (24)Hansgrohe Raindance Classic (18)Hansgrohe Raindance Horní a boční sprchy (130)Hansgrohe Raindance Ruční sprchy (27)Hansgrohe Raindance Sprchové držáky (53)Hansgrohe Sprchové hadice (3)Hansgrohe Termostaty (77)Sprchové dopňky (21)Základní sady (33)Jika (477)Kaldewei (425)Krajcar (848)SanSwiss (1447)Dřevojas (516)Isan (211)Roca (187)Alcaplast (173)Amirro (106)Donner (4)Eden CZ (250)Ellux (122)Geberit (32)Grohe (271)Hueppe (229)Ille (42)Kludi (152)Le Bon (525)M+K (101)Oras (71)Palme (65)PolySystem (260)Roltechnik (157)Rubidea (72)Sanela (10)Sanitec (1540)Sanjet (5)Sanotti (5)Santech (15)Sapho (339)Teiko (378)Vagnerplast (57)General 3D-Objects (101)Jet Dryer (2)Office equipment (7122)Home Furniture (4188)Heating systems - fireplaces, stoves, radiators (2781)Doors for interiors and furniture (5380)Kitchen Equipment (5053)School Furniture (330)Lamps (196)Accessories (1441)Cloakroom equipment (405)Funeral Architecture (206)Saunas (2)Shopfitting (2)

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25.1.2018 – Laufen's new series Ino and Val
In the Laufen brand are new Ino and Val series with 3D formats for designers and architects.

20.12.2017 – PF 2018
Merry Christmas, satisfaction and health by 2018 wishes you SOFTconsult. We thank all our customers for their trust and support in 2017.

1.11.2017 – Chair of brand Bestuhl - new brand on aec-data
34 models of the brand Bestuhl- optimized 3D models of chairs.

1.11.2017 – Novaservis brand update
New 3D models of Novaservis in series: Metalia, Nobless Edge, Nobless Quadro, Nobless Oval, Nobless Sharp.

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