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1.9.2017 – RIHO - Update of serie the Shower tray
Updating 3D models of the brand RIHO, series shower tray and washbasin.

21.8.2017 – Updating the brand JIKA
Update of 3D branded models in series Deep by Jika, Mio, Rio and a new assortment of concealed systems.

8.8.2017 – New chairs Lacerta, Merope, Karma
The brand Office Pro has new chair models: Lacerta, Merope, Karme.

18.7.2017 – Updating JIKA 3D models
Updating JIKA 3D models in series Cubito N, Cubito Pure, Diverse, Golem, Lyra Plus, Mio, Mio N, Module, Padana, Pure, Rio.

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