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These Terms and Conditions govern the conditions of using the Internet server (hereinafter "AEC-DATA") by third parties (hereinafter "Conditions"). The people who visit AEC-DATA will hereinafter be called only "Users". AEC-DATA was established, and is owned and provided by SOFTconsult, spol. s r.o. (a limited liability company), which in accordance with lawful regulations is entitled to distribute and provide data.

Privacy disclaimer

In connection with using certain services provided at AEC-DATA, Users can provide personal data as amended by Czech law (hereinafter only "Law"). SOFTconsult as the provider of AEC-DATA is aware of the lawful rights and responsibilities of the affected persons stipulated by the Law, and respects the interest of Users in the protection of their personal data. If Users provide their personal information while using AEC-DATA, SOFTconsult will not pass this data without prior consent of the User to third parties, with the exception of cases stated by these Conditions, by law, or with the consent of the User. AEC-DATA is entitled to use User-provided data in the following ways: a) for their own marketing, development, and the improvement of services provided to Users, b) for the customization of AEC-DATA and provided services, including but not limited to the distribution of subscribed news and other messages. In the future, these services will be further enhanced to improve the provided services, meet the needs and fulfil the wishes of the Users. Based on the provided data, Users can be contacted by SOFTconsult in order to be informed about products and services. If the User does not want the provided data to be used for this purpose, they can disable this service at any time.

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